LDN Capital TV added to Your Fight Site VOD

We at Your Fight Site are pleased to announce the immediate availability of LDN Capital TV on Your Fight Site VOD.

LDN Capital TV premiered on The Wrestling Channel in the UK in 2006, and went on to become the longest running British wrestling TV programme since World of Sport, ending only with the closure of the channel in 2008.

Available to stream now on Your Fight Site VOD, we have over 100 episodes of the show, including never-before-broadcast episodes!

Featured in the programme is top British talent of the time such as Martin Stone, Jon Ritchie, Doug Williams, and Zach Sabre, Jr. The programme also featured regular appearances from World of Sport legends like Johnny Kidd, ‘Gold Belt’ Brian Maxine, Johnny Saint and of course, Kendo Nagasaki.

Each individual episode of LDN Capital TV is priced at just 99p, or save over £50 by renting the entire series for only £39.99.

To begin watching LDN Capital TV, head over to ldncapitaltv.com.