Your Fight Site CMS updates

What’s new on the Your Fight Site CMS platform this week.

New-look admin panel

The new-look Your Fight Site CMS administration panel
The new-look Your Fight Site CMS administration panel.

Earlier this year we unveiled a new look for Your Fight Site. We’ve applied this new look to the administration panel for all websites. This is merely a cosmetic change, as everything in the admin panel is still in the same location and still works the same.

Article comments

Users can now comment on news articles. Users will need to log in or sign up before leaving a comment, increasing engagement and user bases of websites.

Submitted comments are placed in a review queue, which can then be approved or deleted from your website administration panel.

Past events listing

Websites now feature a listing of past events, allowing fans to find results of events they may have missed. Events created via your administration panel will automatically show up in this list once the event has passed.

Import photo albums from Facebook

All Elite Wrestling web design mock-up

You can now import photo albums from a Facebook Page into your website. You can do this via the new “Photo Albums” page that’s under the “Content” section in the administration menu.

The first time you attempt to import an album, you’ll be asked to authorise your Facebook account. You’ll then be asked which Page you want to connect to your website. Once you’ve successfully connected a Page, you can then choose which album from your Page you wish to import.

As albums on Facebook may contain lots of photos, imports are queued and performed as a background task, so you can get on with managing your website whilst the platform retrieves photos from your albums. We’ll send you an email when an album has finished importing, letting you check over its contents before publishing it to your website.

This feature is currently a “beta” feature, which means we’re still working on it, so we would welcome any feedback you may have on the feature in its current state.