Your Fight Site CMS updates (August 2020)

Your Fight Site CMS is a website platform built specifically for professional wrestling and combat sports websites. Last month in August 2020, we spent some time adding features to the platform, as well as onboarding a number of new websites!

Different currencies

Due to our work with Ireland-based wrestling promotion and training school Fight Factory Pro Wrestling, you can now sell tickets and merchandise in currencies other than GBP.

Stripe Checkout for subscriptions

We’ve reworked the subscription flow in website administration panels to use Stripe Checkout. Pricing remains the same (£4.99 per month, or £49.99 per year), but you will be redirected to Stripe to set up subscriptions now. This allows us to be compliant with SCA requirements, and reduces maintenance burden for us to allow us to focus on delivering features for you.

Stripe Checkout screenshot

Website select

We’ve had a number of customers pleased with Your Fight Site CMS so much that they’re now using the platform to host multiple websites. If you’re a customer with multiple websites hosted on Your Fight Site CMS, you’ll now see a handy dropdown in the website administration panel to select which website to manage.

Website select screenshot

New default theme

We’re pleased to have struck a working relationship with the owners of TNT Extreme Wrestling. We designed, built, and launched the new TNT Extreme Wrestling website, which is now live at

We will be working with the owners of TNT Extreme Wrestling on additional websites over the next few weeks.

Five other websites launched on Your Fight Site CMS

The TNT Extreme Wrestling website wasn’t the only website launched on Your Fight Site CMS last month. We launched no fewer than six websites last month in total! They are:

Colliery Championship Wrestling

We assisted a new wrestling promotion local to us, Colliery Championship Wrestling based in County Durham, in developing a website for them.

Colliery Championship Wrestling website screenshot

Winnipeg Pro Wrestling

A little more further afield, we worked with Winnipeg Pro Wrestling in Canada to create a new ‘90s WCW-themed website! This was a fun project to work on, and allowed us to break the mold and experiment with the design. We’re also proud to be able to add a Canadian wrestling promotion to our roster of customers.

SPOTFEST, Academy Pro Wrestling & Shropshire Wrestling Alliance

SPOTFEST is a wrestling brand formed last year that oversees both the Academy Pro Wrestling and Shropshire Wrestling Alliance brands. We created a new home page for the brand, as well as individual websites for the two brands. We modified the Your Fight Site CMS platform to support the “tiered” approach SPOTFEST required, meaning both brand mini-sites can carry their own events, news, wrestler rosters, and soon shops.

SPOTFEST website screenshot
Academy Pro Wrestling website screenshot